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The Republican "machine" is what's giving up on Cuccinelli, who is a Tea Party darling! It's the same c r a p we've seen time and time again. It's high time that we Constitutional Conservatives leave Republicrats holding the bag and form our own party.
Estimates I've seen say that after full implementation of this miscarriage called Oblmocare that 30 million will STILL be without insurance!! So your opening statement is a lie just like the name of that law, ie, "Affordable"?? NOT. You obviously haven't read all the reports about people's coverage costing anywhere from 2 to 4 times MORE than they paid to date!! YOU NEED TO DO MORE READING HERE INSTEAD OF POSTING BAD INFO ON SUBJECTS YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!
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"Not One of Us"

LoneGunman Wrote: Oct 20, 2013 9:20 PM
Don't tell me that a sitting Governor has to pay the cost of legal fees for what she/he does in office!! I'm not buying that one as the State has lawyers to handle those cases. Nah, she just thought it was the right time to play on the national stage instead of obscure Alaska! When she resigned without finishing her term as Governor of Alaska, that cooked her goose for me! Do I like her, why yes I do and she's a good spokesperson for the party but she's just not electable IMHO!
Pretty easy to get stuff done when you got a filibuster proof Senate, a sizable majority in the house and a Marxist in the white house. Give Republicrats all that and watch what happens!!
You are correct about that. The "status quo" in Washington, for the most part is all the same party. All one need do is look at the likes of McGraham and you'll see what I mean as those two are twins and more than willing to "kiss a z z" to help Oblamo with his agenda!
Obama: “The American People Are Completely Fed Up With Washington” And just who is the HMFIC in Washington there president stool sample?? Hint, look in the mirror! How does it feel having to shave the biggest looser president in the history of the country every morning??
Obama: “The American People Are Completely Fed Up With Washington” Hey, and just who is the HMFIC in Washington there stool sample! Hint, you shave him every morning! How does it feel doing that to a looser day in and day out??
X2 X2 X2 Yeah, go ahead and NOT pay the interest on the debt!! Go ahead, I double dog dare ya!! If the Democraps in the Senate were to allow him to get away with that, then that surely will seal their fate some 2014!!
You obviously haven't noticed Gibbs but most everything the Imperial Federal Goobermit does is "Excruciatingly Embarassing"!! Remember the House of Prostitution that was taken over by the Goobermit?? They finally had to close that because they couldn't even make money selling s e x and whiskey!! HOW SAD IS THAT??
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