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Lone_Gunman45 Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 9:21 PM
And you do realize that those Iranian hostages were released the about the same time that Reagan was inaugurated don't you?? So how did he have time to "negotiate" with them dumb a**?? Go play in traffic and stop posting off topic garbage!

A few years ago I appeared on the Glenn Beck show and discussed my "briefcase" story about how my best Christmas present ever was destroyed at my junior high school in Harlem.  Glenn asked if we could take a tour and so the next week we headed uptown for a special show.  Toward the end Glenn asked who I voted for.  I said Barack Obama and explained not for political reasons but to repay a debt and I mentioned Rosa Parks.  A lot of people I've never met were seriously upset and disappointed.

If there was more time I would have...

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