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Ugh, I guess he can call himself pro-life the same way Wendy Davis did when she visited the Rio Grande Valley earlier this year. And hopefully the voters in his district will not be fooled, just as the RGV voters weren't fooled.
Wow, I could barely stand to watch the whole thing, and it was only a minute long.
But the MSM (and even Townhall) keeps saying McAuliffe will win. It's so depressing to see good people put down and the country going further and further astray.
LOVE IT! I think I need to share on FB, but I might tick off my lawyer relatives...
Becca, I was there. TxGold meant to say the "pro-choicers" were shouting "Hail, Satan," because they were. Here's a news source for you: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/07/03/abortion-activists-yell-hail-satan-as-texas-pro-lifers-sing-amazing-grace/
I would like this on FB, but all my liberal relatives would go vote No on the CNBC poll and skew (OK maybe skew is the wrong word) the results...
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