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President Obama was just named Time's Man of The Year and is establishing himself as one of the best presidents in modern history with the political mandate he won in November. What's Mitt Romney up to nowadays.... LOL!
Kate Winslet is a wonderful actress. I'm watching one her movies on HBO now. She's great.
You lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President Obama > Wayne LaPierre
People with concealed weapon permits = Cowards
NRA Members = Un-American
I bet if LaPierre tried to buy a gun legally, he would get denied by the little background check machine. My guess is he has to take advantage of the gun show loophole. This proves LaPierre is a traitor.
Let's be clear, I don't think LaPierre should go to prison. I think he should be placed on house arrest for the rest of his life with one of those little ankle trackers. He won't be allowed to use the Internet or to speak to the media -- that way he can't spread further lies or treacherous remarks.
Paul Ryan couldn't even win his home state. Mitt Romney lost the state where he served as governor by 20 points. Republicans = Losers!
The Moral Left > Corrupt Right Just relax and let the Moral Left do what's right for the country. It's time to forge a new path with new policies to build that Shinning City on a Hill that Dutch Reagan dreamed about. President Obama and the Moral Left will get us to that dream.
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