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It's a good thing the 2010 Congress ran on job creation....worst congress ever.
you have no idea what this article is about do you?
For Gov. Rick Perry, saying "no" to the federal health care law could also mean turning away up to 1.3 million Texans, nearly half the uninsured people who could be newly eligible for coverage in his state.
spam; loosen up on the tinfoil.
ha; yes I think Romneybot is a joke too!! your next Romney Rally.....please ask Mitt how many jobs he has created since Obama was sworn in as president. He has the tax breaks so that makes him a job creator.
Employers with fewer than 50 employees are exempt from new employer responsibility policies. They don’t have to pay an assessment if their employees get tax credits through an Exchange.
Exchanges will offer a choice of plans that meet certain benefits and cost standards. Starting in 2014, members of Congress will be getting their health care insurance through Exchanges, and you will be able to buy your insurance through Exchanges, too.
In 2014, small businesses with generally fewer than 100 employees can shop in an Affordable Insurance Exchange, which gives you power similar to what large businesses have to get better choices and lower prices. An Exchange is a new marketplace where individuals and small businesses can buy affordable health benefit plans.
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