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lol. Rmoney has yet to get 200 electoral votes.
What's your secret? Mellow jazz, bongo drums, and a huge bong of weed?
duh; I'm being facetious.
why do you need the government?
meh; the creationist flat-earthers will be gone in another generation or two. Natural selection will prevail.
Let's all hold hands and chant USA! USA! when the next superstorm destroys another American city....
he held a press conference with Chris Christie yesterday. He's totally voting Obama this year.
Just 'USA! the climate change away" is as effective as 'praying the gay away'. also a quite an effective strategy...who isn't excited about our future with that 'great' thought process? hats off to the sign holder.
These will be the same people asking for FEMA when another storm comes.
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