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Did Personal Data Aid Obama Campaign?

loisoinfinity Wrote: Jul 06, 2013 3:55 PM
what treason am I guilty of? Daley Machine doesn't exist; keep up, sister.

The IRS has been credibly accused of targeting conservatives as a way to minimize their participation in the 2014 elections.  But there is a mirror image to their suppression in the last cycle; the Obama campaign's utilization of Big Data to bring liberal partisans to the polls.

It was something that the press writing of admiringly both before and after the election, for example: 

Time: How Obama's number-crunchers helped him win

Businessweek: Google's Eric Schmidt Invests in Obama's Big-Data Brains

Other outlets have confessed to some trepidation:

Gizmodo: How the Obama Campaign Uses Your Personal Information to Get...