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Yes; Bush was president the day the country was attacked; he had actionable intell and he blew it off.
and - the wealthiest Americans just keep getting wealthier.
yes; why focus on the future when we can count on coal and oil...right?
Did you believe Bush knew about 9/11? Who shot Kennedy? I love it when you nitwits make up conspiracies.
cool story, bro.
why are gun manufacturers pushing their religious beliefs? It's really no up to them.
it looks like they're searching for a terrorist; I'm not buying into this manufactured outrage. They caught him and Bostonians are happy.
as long as the poor are being taxed - that's all that matters.
get you to the SCOTUS so you can overturn Roe Vs. Wade; until then - don't like abortion? Don't have one!!
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