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The ABC's of School Choice

Lois75 Wrote: Apr 03, 2014 5:45 PM
I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our school districts have open borders, so parents can choose whatever school they like, providing there is room after looking after the students from the school's designated area. It works beautifully. This is a city with a very diverse ethnic population. Sometimes solutions are very simple. Lois Halls.
If this community does not vaccinate, it should be checked to see how many cases of autism there are. It would seem to be a control group for this question. Autism now strikes one in forty two boys. What is the cause? If it was indeed the MMR vaccine, they would never admit it, lest everyone stop vaccinating for everything. There are two autistic boys in my extended family, and we would like some real answers. Lois Halls
I live in Alberta Canada, which is a huge oil producer. A few ducks (about ten) were caught in a tailing pond, and the resulting outcry was country wide, perhaps international. How is it that ten ducks are a tragedy and thousands of birds and bats are killed by their windmills, and no one seems to report or even notice. What hypocrisy!
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