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Racial Divide Worse Under Obama

LOIS44 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 7:41 AM
Love your writings, Star, you seem to understand it's who you are and not what color you are. I feel so totally let down by being called a racist every time I spoke up against Obama's policies, I'm mad they can't see the achievements of their brothers and sisters, that Oprah is the highest paid gal in the country, that the best sports figures are their own, that Condi and Powell are at the top of the food chain. I'm tired of hearing blacks use the words Oreo, or Uncle Tom while they continue to increase their population with fatherless babies, and then tell the rest of us how hard life is. YES, it is hard, just as hard for the white fatherless child. Self Responsibly is the key to ending victim hood.

The headline of a recent article by the Washington Post’s Peter Wallsten capsulizes, inadvertently, the supreme paradox of the Obama presidency.

“Obama struggles to balance African America’s hopes with country’s as a whole,” it says.

The story documents Obama’s struggles over the last four years, which continue today, to avoid overplaying his hand as the first black president, yet to also not ignore this fact.

But nowhere does Wallsten note the irony that four years ago many understood the meaning of Obama’s election as the beginning of the end of the perception of black America as a world apart from the...