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Get a Job, Get Delineated

LOIS44 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 8:56 AM
Let's fact it, we've created an under class society that likes being there. We talk about greedy corporations and greedy rich people, but don't dare talk about people who gladly live on another man's labor. We've gone from only the strong survive, to making sure the weakest is taken care of, and it's such a comfortable place to admit being weak and helpless, millions join their ranks every day. We call working being in the "rat race", we've called successful people selfish, allowing us to keep taking from them giving to the "never do well" and call it compassion. There is no shame to be uneducated or unskilled, there is no shame in making babies we can't afford, as these things are now a guaranteed survival tactic.

All societies will always stigmatize some conditions and some behaviors because doing so provides for group solidarity by delineating "outsiders" from "insiders" -Gerhard Falk

In this new era that has seen a shift in social stigmatization from people that don't work to people that do, the process is helping to create a new class of underperformers that expect more and over achievers that brace to end up with less. Sure, there are a lot of people that would like to work hard or work in low paying jobs that find themselves lumped in with the former. But the trend is so powerful...