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Obama Protects Hollywood

LOIS44 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 8:41 AM
There have always been evil people, with or without seeing violence. Cain killed his brother out of jealousy. Jails are full of convicts who thought murder was the best way to get rid of someone. There are serial killers who choose strangers. Murder seems to be in the human DNA for lust, for money, for feeling powerful. It's evil, and we will never be able to stop it. It's a mind set, the same as abusing children or animals. It's a burning hatred that needs to be fed by slaughtering others. Its a lack of respect for life. Until we can understand the human mind and stop picking on the "instrument" of the act, then we have a chance to isolate these evil ones before they can act.
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Detached From Reality

LOIS44 Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 8:36 AM
The biggest problem seems to come from our education (lack of) about what America is, and what are ancestors fought for. People take freedom for granted believing it'll always be there. Apparently they can't see taxes and regulations as a form of control, where the government owns us. The double speak given by our representatives, has made us weak and afraid. We have used children and the elderly as pongs, making it noble to support them with tax dollars, while the lion share of the cash collected goes for BIG business, who makes the big campaign contributions. The sucking noise from green energy made over night millionaires, and proved to be cronies of this current administration. YET, we are told "do not look at that".
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Blacks Should Embrace NRA Gun Proposal

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 31, 2012 7:32 AM
Explain fair share, please. If one is busy & productive baking a pie for his family, how much is he allowed to keep? What exactly does he "owe" to those staring in his window, or banging on his door, demanding he has no right to all that pie? If he cuts it in half, is that enough? Or like France, does he only keep 1/4 of it? Most "so-called" rich folks are in the 33% tax bracket, another 15.3% in SS tax, and another 5-7% state tax. Since they spend more, their sales tax is a whooping WOW. (john Kerry's yacht, was 1/2 mil that's why he "hid" it in R.I.) How many jobs were created due to that yacht? How many people is John Kerry supporting because he is rich? Due to "rich" folks, how many uneducated people are not on the public dole?
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Merry Cliffmas

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 9:55 AM
YES, people are spending, but are they going to pay their charge card bills in January? That's the real question. There is a mindset to over do on Christmas, and worry about the bills later...... and later is going to be more lay offs, higher taxes, while the cost of goods go up. ALL those seasonal jobs will soon be gone, employers are going to be finding ways to avoid Obamacare by reducing full time to part time, or asking more employees to do more to avoid hiring. The cliff is NOT going to be avoided, no matter what happens in Congress next week. the sleeping public is going to be rudely awaken from the Obama dream, and it'll be a nightmare.
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To Hell With Charity? (Part 2 of 2)

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 9:23 AM
Explain to me how we have 106 million folks on some type of entitlement program, (not counting SS) and yet still need charity organizations to fill in the 'holes'? Explain the giant salaries of most of these charity organizations. No, I'm not being Scrooge looking for poor houses, I do have my own favorite charities, but, looking at Dec's mail, I'm in awe of how many charities there are.. Friday, we delivered 2 huge boxes of food and goods to a "poor family", they had just returned from a local charity that had filled the back of their van with over a month's supply of food, and gifts. This family also gets food stamps, free medical, and a welfare check. Are we keeping them poor by enriching them for not working or trying?
The military has already been HIT for higher medical co-pays, and those are the people we OWE the most too, so where does that leave civilians? If the government already declared there is NOT enough money to pay for military medical, (which was PROMISED to them) doesn't it prove they do not have enough for the rest of the population? Why are people so blind, deaf and dumb when their future is threatened? How can we keep making more and more welfare entitlement folks than workers? 106 million folks now on some kind of entitlement that doesn't include SS, should scare the devil out of everyone. Do we honestly have to see Obamacare fall flat, while Granny is drugged up to make her death "comfortable"?
Is America becoming the "lost tribe"? It does feel like we're wandering along aimlessly, looking for utopia, thinking we're almost there. If we just "tweak" this or that, everyone will eat at the same table of plenty, and no one will ever have to labor in the fields again. Of course the fields will dry up and stop producing, but that's for "someday", not to worry, we're too busy eating now. We've made sex education more important than history lessons, forgetting the past, and those evil folks who wanted us free. Freedom has a price, it's much more pleasant to be on the government plantation. Shelter, food, medical all provided without work or toil. What a wonderful life! Pass the potatoes!
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Newtown Gives us Much to Consider

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 1:53 PM
Truth is the breakdown of the family. Adam's parent were divorced and while Mom is getting raked over in the coal by the press, I haven't heard anything about the Dad except he lives in N.J. These 2 parents knew the boy the best, and instead of being partners to help him, who knows what the added stress was due to divorce. Was the divorce because of Adam? Did one parent want to discipline the little monster while the other parent cuddled him? Did Adam feel responsible for breaking up his own family? SO many questions. What was Adam's trigger? He apparently believed he had to die. What made him believe he had to take others with him?
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So Unhappy

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 23, 2012 8:55 AM
It is the uncertainty that is making all of us impotent. NOT knowing what to do to protect our family's future has us in a stalemate. We watch this President, speaking of all this hope and change and a better world, who does NOTHING but entertain the rich and powerful for campaign cash. He lives like a King on one vacation after another while his wife shops for $1,200 bags, and $700 sneakers, sending kids to Mexico at taxpayer expense. Nothing is too good for them, but they want us to make sacrifices. They live like they don't owe anyone anything, but we owe them the power to rule against us. O needs to lead by example, and wipe that arrogant grin off his face.
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The Underachiever's Manifesto

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 10:47 AM
The mess of the century will be how the American spirit died. When welfare is a better paycheck than a job, and unemployment checks comes with free medical care and food stamps, plus 4 free years of college what incentive do we have to work? Workers pay taxes. UGH! Why give 25% back to the government, when you can keep 100% of entitlements? That we are responsible for stealing the potential of so many, by not allowing them to struggle is the real horror.
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Can We Make Love and Not War? Sorry, No.

LOIS44 Wrote: Dec 22, 2012 10:23 AM
Nothing will be done until we can stop these 2 cults of destruction. One is the religion of the democrat party and the other is the republican party. The "little" people who join and bow, scream and finger point is good for the cult, but bad for the country. Within these cults is a belief that each is better than the other, and it's better to die believing than compromise and live another day. Cult rules are passed down to innocent children, who grow up angry, hateful, and demanding. Both sides are supporting the empty suited powerful people who do NOTHING but steal their freedom and liberties: elites who are worst than carpetbaggers. Get off your knees, stop bowing, open your eyes, quit the cult, and become an American!
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