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Reject Gang of 8 Immigration Reform Deal

LOIS44 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 10:10 AM
Two laws would cure half the problem. Applying for any government entitlement is an immediate deportation! NOT finding work here is NO reason to stay since they're in no better shape here than they were there! 2. CLOSE any business that doesn't do an E-Verity on every one they hire. Case closed! No rewards for illegal behavior will STOP the flow where we won't need a fence! use all that extra cash to take care our vets!
Well written. Humans do have a sex drive, we can all acknowledge that. The majority of us just DO NOT want to picture an exit becoming an erotic place of enjoyment. Do they take an enema first to keep it clean? We all laughed when Tim Allen gave his washing machine a high powered motor that "whipped the poop stains right off the underwear" and who hadn't had a little accident or two in their life time? Getting excited seeing a hairy butt bend over just goes against normal, when it's called LOVE. It's hard enough explaining sex to a child when it's a man & woman......
Well written truth, but sadly only conservatives will read it, and the Real conservatives are so far out of power to do anything it's like writing a love letter to someone who died. Makes you feel better getting if off your chest, but it goes no where. The media has totally destroyed the reputation of any one that goes against their messiah, name calling and the word racist are thrown around so often, like any lie heard enough, it must be true. Republicans will settle for dirty water to make a buck, and democrats have halo's.
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Get a Job, Get Delineated

LOIS44 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 8:56 AM
Let's fact it, we've created an under class society that likes being there. We talk about greedy corporations and greedy rich people, but don't dare talk about people who gladly live on another man's labor. We've gone from only the strong survive, to making sure the weakest is taken care of, and it's such a comfortable place to admit being weak and helpless, millions join their ranks every day. We call working being in the "rat race", we've called successful people selfish, allowing us to keep taking from them giving to the "never do well" and call it compassion. There is no shame to be uneducated or unskilled, there is no shame in making babies we can't afford, as these things are now a guaranteed survival tactic.
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Hoosier Daddy

LOIS44 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 9:11 AM
We constantly hear of innocent prisoners being release after 10-20-30 years in prison. YET, never a judge or lawyer is prosecuted for their devious lies and misdeeds. WHY is that? It takes a black heart and sheer evil when justice is thrown away, and the conviction is all that matters. When a prosecutor or judge has ambition to built a name for themselves, seeking a higher office, it's a crime against humanity. I've always said, if I'm ever accused of a crime, I pray I'll be guilty of it. Because a guilty person will know what to say to protect themselves, while an innocent person has zero chance of proving a negative. O.J. and Casey Anthony are the poster children of how to commit a crime and hide the truth!
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Pop & Lock, Fool

LOIS44 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 8:55 AM
The old saying of "you can't fight city hall", has now been replaced with "you can't fight a White House that is bend on destroying a country". You can't fight takers! Obama has turned the population into believing we owe them for breathing. Every one is entitled to happiness without putting any effort into it. Pile the plate full, even if you're going to throw half of it away, there will still be plenty tomorrow.
Kudos to the parents of this child. We all need to learn how to get out of bed, face the world that was handed to us, and find a "can do" attitude. We have made a mockery of victim-hood, always looking for a scapegoat to explain away our troubles, wasting our precious time whining and crying about what we don't have instead of counting our blessings, and working with what we do have. God Bless this child, she sees more in her blindness, than others who have perfect eye sight.
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Getting Wise to Government Lies

LOIS44 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 10:10 AM
Hail Mary, there is truth and justice on it's way. Finding the population can now recognize the lies when they hear them, is a breath of fresh air. The wolf wasn't at the door, he got so over bloated he's on blood pressure medication, unable to leave his den, and is starting to realize people don't taste very good anyway and he needs a new diet if he wants to live.
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Obama’s Rat Madness

LOIS44 Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 8:50 AM
When a man is made into a God by the press, we have given him the golden shaft that can silence anyone that disagrees with him. Power corrupts, and we are now watching what happens when we handed total power to an ego driven, arrogant man who took a vow to follow the Constitution and now thinks it's his job to shred it. We have allowed lies, deceit, and spending to continue beyond a reasonable level, because we allowed a very fault God to rule at the alter.
It's the new world order of busy bodies...... People with so little control over their own life, they stretch their neck left & right looking for someone or some act to hate and destroy. They're not even aware of their own intolerance. They honestly believe "it's for the better", and pat themselves on the back thinking they're saving man kind. There are NOT. They are horrible small minded people, and are generally liars, who built horror stories to a new level trying to instill fear if you do this or that. If they're not threatening every one with the Cancer Scare, they're degrading people who are fat. They attack what one wears unless he's gay and wears a diaper marching down the street. Then they're "enlightened" to the differences!
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