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Where can I donate some $$$, to get this movie made - not that I have much, but this is a movie, which needs to be made.
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Lois142 Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 3:25 PM
I once (almost) watched a (whole) Maury Povich show, in which the female ran through THIRTEEN potential fathers without finding the right one. Each time, she was 1000% sure that it was THE one. Given the average ovulation period for the human female, this girl had to spend the entire "window of opportunity", flat on her back, with a different man. Okay, perhaps not. She was a s__t, and every man was just plain stupid.
Apparently, he's had a difficult time, for the past five years (okay, it's only four plus a little, but it feels like FOREVER) taking YES for an answer.
He's trying to make you understand that whatever Mr. Obama did wrong IS BUSH'S FAULT!!!!!
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