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when they bark make sure you throw 'em a cookie; they are irrelevant - let 'em know you still care.
boohoo; stop relying on govt.
lol; that would be Sarah Palin; the epitome of a hillbilly grifter.
but - I want to be outraged!!
actually taxes are still far too low.
I work for a small business; never claimed to own've started drinking pretty early for a Monday.
So now Obama's in charge of insurance companies? Insurance rates often go up 10-14% at the annual enrollment period. Insurance companies are investment firms; they care about $$$$; which is why healthcare needs to be fixed.
6 more times and they'll be in Saint Reagan territory!
According to Grover Norquist, the recent law that was passed actually decreased taxes. You can't have it both ways, guys.
many many many red states are leaders in welfare usage; think.
Some people just won't be happy until the poor are ground into a slurry to feed to other slightly less poor people.
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