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Thank You, Ms. Rosen

Lodgemom Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 12:24 AM
I would rather work in a thriving economy where I have hope of finding a job that pays decently and pay for my own childcare than have to work a crappy job in a lousy economy and look to the government to bail me out because they've screwed up our economy.

Though everyone is talking about Democratic strategist and Obama confidant Hilary Rosen's insolent remarks about Ann Romney, I want to discuss them, too, because they reveal her leftist mindset.

Rosen didn't misspeak; she spoke deliberately and with passion. And when given a chance to retract or soften her remarks, she doubled down -- at least initially.

Her comments came in a segment on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Cooper pointed out that in the current economy, "women are seeing jobs come back much more slowly than men are," and he asked Rosen, essentially, whether there was anything wrong with...