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Maybe if we act and take away all the money and power to bribe citizens and states away from Washington this kind of behaviour will cease. Maybe we could return to the Original design of Separate Sovereign Republics and a weak Central government. Maybe then true Patriots would return to Government service as a repayment for the success they earned in the public business world. Serve one term and go back to their private businesses. Maybe it could end the millions of career elected office holders - they will leave if there is no money to bribe factions with and to perform social engineering with taxes and other usurped powers.
The use of Article V State amendment process is our only chance to end the usurping of powers from Washington. We can restore States rights and powers.
Are these Progressives connected to anything resembling reality? The are full of hate, anger, envy, resentment, racism, climate change, energy independence.? The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right. Mark Twain
If we can kick Harry Reid out of his leadership of the Senate then we can do this project and Restore our liberties and rights stolen by the Progressives over the last 125 years.
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Nevada Showdown: All Hat, No Cattle

Lock2 Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 7:38 AM
Debra, You left out that the BLM and any other agency of the Federal government has no Constitutional authority to wield POLICE POWER except on Federal Lands. Now go to article I section 8 and find the LIMITS as to the Land the Federal government can own INSIDE A STATES BORDERS. Mr. Bundy is correct the BLM and the Forest Service are usurped powers and have no force in law. *The Constitution is a LIMITING DOCUMENT. It does not pass any rights to anyone! * Rights are from the CREATOR. All unstated rights go to the States and to the people. So, we are all citizens of our Home State - I was born in (edit), but I am a citizen of (edit). Keep in mind that all case law precedent on the Federal Level are usurped as Article III does not allow British case law theory nor does it allow for Judicial review. (1807-1815) The Writings of Thomas Jefferson_Part 1 Beginning on Pg 53. "DEAR SIR, While Burr's case is depending before the court, I will trouble you, from time to time, with what occurs to me. I observe that the case of Marbury v. Madison has been cited, and I think it material to stop at the threshold the citing that case as authority, and to have it denied to be law." "I have long wished for a proper occasion to have the gratuitous opinion in Marbury v. Madison brought before the public, & denounced as not law; &: I think the present a fortunate one. because it occupies such a place in the public attention. I should be glad therefore. if, in noticing that could take occasion to express the determination of the executive, that the doctrines of that case were given extra judicially & against law, and that their reverse will be the rule of action with the executive." USURPED POWERS AND HAMILTON Now maybe all will understand the importance of restoring the ORIGINAL Constitution and it's intents and meanings as of the time it was adopted. None of the laws passed or the Precedent case law created using the usurped powers has any effect in law. They by the nature of the usurpation are null and viod because the usurpers did not have Constitutional power to change alter or create new rights or find new meaning to the various sections, clauses and amendments. Any violation of oath of office by way of usurpation of power is the gravest of civic offenses. It is "treasonable usurpation upon the power and majesty of the people," as Alexander Hamilton correctly characterized any
How about no IRS and no tax returns?
Hey Cajun - you got any $100 bills? Let us go hunting in the trailer parks of your mind. Silly man - a LSU guy that get paid for spreading pig manure.
Make DC weak, small and LIMITED. Here is how to close the BLM, IRS, USFS and the other agencies of tyranny. We the people have the power if we UNITE AND FIGHT - here is how we win back our REPUBLIC.
Keep the Victory alive - all unite and do this swift, sure and safe project taking the money and power from DC - Restore the State powers and end the Federal powers -
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The Democrat Party's Century of Tax Hikes

Lock2 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 9:08 AM
Unite and fight Nevada and Bundy ranch proves that we the people have the power - just stay together and stop the internal faction fighting - want to end Federal Unconstitutional actions like the IRS, NSA, BLM, EPA, USFS, and the other agencies of tyranny - here is how now let use use this swift, safe, sure method to KEEP THE REPUBLIC -
Impeachment in the House would just gin up his far left groups and most likely cost the Republicans the 2014 Senate and maybe even the House. Remember Clinton did not slow him down one step and his popularity grew. No senate = no chance to win only mess up the 2014 election.
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