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I have absolutely zero confidence in Mr. Boehner's "abilities" as speaker. Zero-1. He has done nothing significant to oppose Obama's march toward national and cultural dissolution. Obama does like him, however, and I think that matters to John.
Holder in D.C. and Yee in Sacramento? Same kind of 'lefties': both liars, both smarmy frauds and both moochers feeding at the public trough.
Yee is a liar, a fraud, and a parasite. He is a politicians and he is a liberal. He got caught. Some one 'squealed' on him. Probably one of the guys running for demoncrat nomination as Secretary of State for California or an ex girl friend.
Can you imagine if the muslim "Ellisons" of this fedral government really had their way with the U.S. Constitution what an oppressive and violent government we would have? They are waiting.
Obama cried then he played golf.
Politicians in Washington, D.C. and in liberal statehouses are afraid of God fearing, law abiding Americans who possess firearms. THAT fear speaks to the corruption of the elected officials, judicial and executive and legislative, republican and democrat. THEY believe that they are more intelligent and wiser than the the US Constitution's Bill of Rights and far wiser than the American people. Obama and his people consume power as if it were an intoxicant. They never, ever say: "it is enough".
I think you are correct in asserting that Moochelle loves to show Orpha "up". There is a strong element of "rubbing your nose in it" on the part of Moochelle directed to her media star competition, Orpha, the millionairess... Yep, ya got it!
The lady is seeking to be relevant and important and meaningful and a real helper to we the stupid and clueless. She wants desperately to be seen as a "beautiful" person who does good. The mainstream lap dog media stumbles over one another promoting her "obvious" physical "beauty" and her "undeniable charm".
Yes. Yet another example of emotional freaks posing as really neat and smart people forcing we, "the great unwashed" to behave in a more "enlightened" manner...for our own good, of course. The leftist- elitists'-celeb freak show continues on...and on...on
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