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Forget it, ya lousy turncoat.
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The Underpants Gnome Caucus

LobaAzul. Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 1:50 AM
I think Cruz is well aware that the Dems and the Whitehouse will never compromise. That is why principle is so important. I believe principle is a strategy, even a long-term strategy. You either live and work by it or things go awry. Witness the consequences of corruption. It may seem simplistic to some but how else can the Rule of Law protect a free people?
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Reputation Versus Regulation

LobaAzul. Wrote: Feb 05, 2014 1:56 AM
Don't forget to feed the hogs.
200 yard dumpster?
I suspect he's merely quite young. The progression of his thoughts suggest inexperience.
Your leap from recognizing exploitation to an admission of knowing how to live the lives of others better is illogical. Did you know that many so-called "African-Americans" are Republicans and even Tea Party members? They know how to live their own lives perfectly well and can recognize political exploitation at the same time!
A reasonable question, if a bit shallow. One can infer from the statement that you attribute to Republicans, that the natural rights of black people were denied by their enslavers. Because the enslavement of blacks by Muslims and other African tribes is historical fact, anyone can make the statement. Do you have any additional disrespectful, demonizing questions?
What nonsense. Sure, suck it out of our life's work, fritter a bunch of it away, then give some of it back. It's still theft and redistribution. Better to not take it out of the private sector in the first place.
This nightmare was made possible by Conlin's corruption. The rest of the council is irredeemably corrupt too.
I agree with Dylan in this instance but the problem is, Mr. Ratigan is not smart enough to be allowed to make his own healthcare insurance decisions.
Michelle should keep her giant gob shut. It's none of her business whether kids are obese or not.
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