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Youth Vote: Obama's Most Loyal Supporters Are Jumping Ship

loadstar Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 8:33 AM
Young people had been socialized by their schools, and were plagued by the ignorance and naivete of youth, but as in communist countries, it is sobering to learn that a guvment-drained economy means no jobs/livelihood! Churchill: a person not a liberal at 20 has no heart, BUT a person who is not a conservative at 40 has no brain. Once burned, shame on the ObaMessiah; twice burned, shame on US!
The S.S. Barack Obama is slowly submerging.

A Pew Research poll released on Monday showed the President’s support is waning in key demographics from his 2008 election--including the youth vote--despite his best efforts. Though he handily won over the MTV generation in 2008 by a 33 point margin over Senator McCain, it appears that a handful of young people are thinking twice this time around.

The Pew poll shows President Obama with 56 percent of the youth vote, a 21 point lead over Governor Romney. Though he still holds a strong lead among young Americans, a 10-point drop in...