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With Politics Above All

loadstar Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 10:59 AM
Romney can and WILL beat Obama-- let's gather the troops, focus on the REAL problem, and turn out this Leftist, wealth transfer, America-trashing, Big Guvment loser! NO MORE Food Stamp President, Pied Piper of Unwanted Change, President Downgrade, Wizard of Ozbama-- we have SEEN the Man Behind the Curtain, and he is a phony! Just say NO to ObamaCare! People WANTED H/C cost controls-- ObamaCare will instead SOAR costs! We are all just a "bump in the road" to Obama's re-election ambitions. Join the fight to save America from this socialist loser! VOTE ROMNEY!
loadstar Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 10:59 AM

The Wizard of Ozbama...the Pied Piper of Unwanted Change...President Downgrade...the ObaMessiah...the faux "Professor" of Constitutional Law (REALLY a teacher's aide just reading from a professor's notes)...the citizen of all 58 states who respects Navy "corpsemen" who can speak "the Austrian language"...

Close associate of several avowed communists including Vann Jones (whom he appointed to a W.H. czar position) and Frank Marshall Davis...hmmm

Politics above science; politics above economics—together these two philosophies have created “true sustainability.”  

We first saw the impact in the science world. Global warming was touted as a catastrophic threat to life on earth. Modern life was deemed to be the cause. More specifically, the blame fell to the burning of hydrocarbons—which are the source of the abundant, affordable, and available energy that has given the developed world its many advantages and luxuries. Carbon footprint guilt was heaped upon big energy-consuming countries. After all, we were ruining the planet.

Change was needed to slow the rise of the oceans.


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