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Will Immigration Reform Kill Rubio's Presidential Chances?

loadstar Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 12:37 PM
Hey, as recently as 2004, when lowly loser CINO/RINO Dubya won re-election, even the liberal rags pronounced the 'Crats dead via-a-vis winning the W.H. Methinks that reports of Republicans being dead are premature. As for getting more of the brown vote, it ain't gonna' happen...THAT is a key reason to oppose Scamnesty. IF we put 12 million more poor and VERY low information, culturally-disparate ILLEGALS on a path to citizenship and voting, and it is ALL OVER for America! We will degrade into Mexico Norte-- ineluctably and irretrievably.

Passing major legislation is not a path to the presidency. So why is Sen. Marco Rubio, who is almost surely running for the 2016 Republican nomination, working so hard on comprehensive immigration reform?

Look at the only lawmaker who has become president in the last half-century. Barack Obama did almost nothing in his brief time in the Senate. His career in the world's greatest deliberative body consisted mainly of showing up, becoming immediately dissatisfied and looking for something better.

Obama never took a leading role crafting any piece of momentous legislation. And some of the things he did do, like voting...