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Why Senator Dick Lugar is Out

loadstar Wrote: May 10, 2012 7:51 AM
re: "Sometimes politicians change their tune once they get into office. They worry about re-election rather than the things they campaigned on. " ************************* A long noted limitation of representative guvment is that the masses can be seduced into voting for the populist who promises them things. Europe has been crippled by promises of cradle to grave guvment welfare. Everybody wants "free" stuff, but they do not want to work for or pay for it! BUT somebody has to pay for those bennies! And as Margaret Thatcher intoned, pretty soon you run out of other (rich) peoples' $ to extract to pay for it.

Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar lost his primary bid yesterday. The spin is amazing.

Obama is spinning it to frame the new Republican party as uncompromising. The reality is the opposite. Republicans have been compromising for years. It’s the Democrats that don’t compromise. Fortunately for Republicans, I think that Democrats will lose the spin wars, and are totally misreading the election.

The spin is designed to try and get any one in the middle, if there is truly such a thing.

The liberal Chicago Tribune misses the point as well, and shows it is really good at...

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