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Why Romney Won the First Debate

loadstar Wrote: Oct 07, 2012 2:37 PM
re: the vacuous/hollow braying claim of Obama's creating 4.5 million new jobs Per the BLS---> Actually, only 300,000 private sector jobs NET have been created since the ObaMessiah was inaugurated, and overall the economy has LOST 300,000 jobs net (despite population growth...over 1 million immigrants alone each year) because of state and local public employment losses, even though Obama has swelled the number of federal bureaucrats by 400,000. Almost $1 TRILLION squandered for "stimulus"? For "shovel-ready jobs"? WHERE?!
Jim Lehrer was effective in one area as the moderator of the first Presidential Debate of 2012.  That is, he convinced the audience to not be a factor by remaining generally quiet.  While he was not very effective in controlling the candidates, Lehrer’s style seemed to work out well in facilitating his primary goal of drawing out ideological contrasts.