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Why Republicans Are to Blame for the Fiscal Cliff

loadstar Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 11:25 AM
I cut RINOS no slack either! Dubya spent $ like a drunken sailor 'Crat! I could not stand Nixon either for similar reasons (creating guvment boondoggles). Dubya created another boondoggle, Rx Care For Seniors, that 90% of them had NO NEED for...and NOBODY even gave him "credit" for yet another spendthrift guvment would-be vote-buyer. Honestly, our Seniors were, on average, ALREADY getting back $3-4 for every $1 they paid into is an artful ploy that "they are just getting back what they paid in." Again, the Left conditions voters in Pavlovian fashion to feel "entitled."
America is about to plunge over the so-called fiscal cliff -- and Americans are fighting mad about it. According to the latest polls, 77 percent of Americans believe that the fiscal cliff -- a combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts set to kick in at the beginning of 2013 -- will hurt them personally. A full 70 percent of Americans want a compromise solution. And 67 percent believe that political leaders will act like "spoiled children."

Most important, though, Americans blame Republicans for the situation. While just 34 percent of Americans blame President Obama for the current fiscal cliff...