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Why Non-Torture is More Honorable Than Assassination

loadstar Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 9:59 AM
You know when liberals use the term "nuanced view of the law" that they are covering up for a Leftist president and his team. I caught a few minutes of a Sunday talk show on the Mainly Socialist News Broadcasting Company (MSNBC). Five leftists (including an NYU law prof) were trying to find a way to say that killing American citizens abroad without due process of law is somehow not as egregious as waterboarding/enhanced interrogation. Even for artful, dissembling liberals this took a LOT of was NOT convincing.
Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 11:30 AM
targeting enemy combatants is not illegal.
p18 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 12:19 PM
So now they're enemy combatants who need to be killed? Where were you from 01-08? Oh, that's right- on a protest line saying Bush should've targeted himself. The REAL evil isn't nuke-seeking end of the world jihadis, it's Christian conservatives. Gotcha.
Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 1:11 PM
I was in the United States Army on 9-11; I went to Iraq from 2003-2004, and then retired at the end of my 24 year Army career. Since that time, I have made a living with various agencies supporting our troops in the field or veterans at home.

Yes, they are enemy combatants who need killing. This is a war, cupcake.

So just kiss my a$$, ahole.
Baby Karl Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 5:45 PM
Neither is waterboarding them stupid...
Baby Karl Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 5:48 PM
And if we kill them how do we get the information from them that only they contain?

You know... Calling a series of people all variations of the word a-hole pretty much just means that's what people should think of your ideas...

Just saying...
Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 7:18 PM
Who are you calling stupid? Clearly, torture is torture-even simpletons like you can see that.

Bigdogoffthechain11 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 7:19 PM
Once you capture a terrorist you have about 4 hours of actionable intelligence available-after that, anything in the head of the jihadist is old news and worthless to a combatant commander. If you knew anything about this topic, you would already know this.

Just teaching...
crustyoldwoman Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 7:58 PM
I've always wanted to say that--you made my day :-) !

Astoundingly we have seen the media turn into hypocrites in recent days.

Shock of shocks... how can it be?

But when the President that an overwhelming majority of media members voted for, was running for President, they parroted his message of compassion, and American humility, and the need for us to talk to our enemies instead of torturing them.

Being in the solid minority of media members who held that we either kill the guys who are trying to kill us, or at the very least, extract information about when they are next going to try to kill us, I...