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What Second Term Agenda?

loadstar Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 9:16 AM
The ObaMessiah embodies what happens when the chattering class fourth estate media TOTALLY abdicates its responsibility to inform the public via a vigorous challenge and debate about public policy. I am just past 60...never in my life have I seen so much of the fawning media go so far in-the-tank for a pol...and he plays them, via the coaching/directing of his handlers, like a Stradivarius. He went about a year after the "Cambridge police acted stupidly" gaffe without holding a press conference...and all along, he takes only a few questions from carefully selected sycophants. His mistakes are myriad. And yet, the media critics are silent/covering up. It is SHAMEFUL.
The lesson from the State of the Union address is this: Barack Obama has no second term agenda. Oh, sure, he campaigned furiously for the job, starting in about January of 2011. But his campaign almost never outlined his plans for a second term, focusing instead on interest group payoffs and demonization of his rival. Late in October of 2012, as if recognizing that they'd forgotten to attend to it, the Obama campaign released a 20-page glossy handout called a "blueprint for America's future." It featured splashy photos of the president on nearly every page, along with generic promises like "improve...