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U.S. Local Governments Cut Payrolls to Lowest Level Since 2006

loadstar Wrote: Apr 08, 2012 10:17 AM
The "needed steps" here are EXCELLENT! Even liberal icon FDR opposed unions of public employees....and they are one of the reasons that state and local guvment workers (think 3 million teachers) make more than their private counterparts with the same level of education and importantly have benefits 50% better-- and the gaps are growing. Businesses gave up on, as unsustainable, defined benefit pensions (versus defined contribution, i.e., 401-k ilk) quite some time ago...but guvment workers USUALLY have them, and can often receive them after just 20 years, and full ones after 30.

In a much needed development U.S. Local Governments Cut Payrolls to Lowest Level Since 2006

U.S. local-government payrolls fell to the lowest level in more than six years in a sign that municipalities still face fiscal strains almost three years after the end of the recession.

Employment by local governments, adjusted for seasonal hiring swings, dropped by 3,000 in March to 14.1 million, the lowest since February 2006, the U.S. Labor Department reported today. State payrolls helped offset the loss, showing a third straight month of gains, rising 2,000 to 5.1 million. It’s the longest streak of job increases at...

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