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Unlikely Bedfellows on Immigration Reform

loadstar Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 1:05 PM
Jacoby is ALSO a Jew...they pretty much ALWAYS favor free-flowing immigration because so often in the past their immigration was restricted in many parts of the world. But America allows more LEGAL immigration ALREADY than ALL OTHER COUNTRIES COMBINED! We MUST focus on LEGAL immigrants who have things to offer AMERICA! Otherwise, we could simply let plutocratic Latin America continue to dump its ignorant poor on us...we are effectively Mexico's Welfare Dept. The Mexican Guvment literally COACHES border jumpers coming here on how to evade capture, milk our system, get jobs, and how to send $16 BILLION a year back, part of > $30 billion sent back annually by ILLEGALS to Latin America.
Michael Bloomberg, the independent mayor of New York City, is no one's idea of a hardline Republican conservative. Media titan Rupert Murdoch, whose empire includes Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, is no one's idea of a squishy Republican moderate. And Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, a lifelong Democrat, is no one's idea of a Republican at all.

It isn't every day that three men with such disparate ideological profiles find common cause, let alone on a high-profile issue that has been roiling American politics for years. But there they were at Boston's Seaport Hotel one evening last week,...