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The Polls That Ate the Presidential Contest

loadstar Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 9:34 AM
TROLL ALERT: programmed, paid, leftist gadfly, troll post-- just ignore...just so much swamp gas These spam trollers have been annoying as hell as the bewitching hour of election day has approached...reportedly PAID to come here by Moveon or HuffPuff to play the gadfly to annoy the conservatives and interfere with communication on TH. Here are just of few of the face changers: here are some (just a few) of the culprit names: JamesMadison fidelcastro UmayNotAgree PopWarner pzaqwer redtie hisLOINS Petya akagi021 Scrappedlron friley
"I don't know," a very wise and skeptical Washington political analyst confided to me on Sunday as I limned the Romney victory I foresee. "I'd like to believe it," she said, "but I have to overlook a lot. If you're right, then a whole lotta state polls have to be wrong."

Very true. But I'll climb all the way out onto a limb and assert that the state polls are wrong -- or at least misleading.

Every four years we complain that the press covers the presidential contest as a horse race. This year sets some sort of new standard....