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The Morning After

loadstar Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:26 PM
interesting revelations about voting irregularities as observed by foreigners-- The Left (NAACP, UN groups) brought in poll watchers from 60 countries to watch for voting opportunity denials, BUT what they observed SURPRISED: 1) they found it TOO EASY to vote here-- often too little valid I.D. required versus abroad (fingerprint I.D, etc.) 2) they felt that it there was too much chance of voting more than once here, such as early voting AND same day voting, without valid checks 3) they sensed NO REAL EVIDENCE OF voter suppression, notwithstanding Leftist mythology to the contrary

It's over at last, Now we know. Or do we? The voting may have ended, but the counting continues. Here's hoping that by the time these lines appear in print we'll know who'll be the next president of the United States.

Elections are supposed to be provide finality in a democracy, and when they don't, when they just prolong the uncertainty, democracy has been deprived of decision. The country is denied clear leadership, the new president a clear mandate. Nobody wins if nobody wins.

Someone once said that final decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court aren't necessarily right; they're right because...