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The Election ... The Election of 2014

loadstar Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 9:22 AM
The Founders gave serious thought to some measure of responsibility to vote, such as ownership of land...when we see that 40%+ considered the ObaMessiah's SEEMING initial hurricane response (which is NOW looking MUCH LESS persuasive as a perception-- Katrina redux?) an important factor in their voting decision, it is EASY to see why some measure of voter acumen might be preferable. When most people on the street cannot name their 2 U.S. Senators or the V.P., the ignorance level is pretty scary for our universal plebiscite. And our stupid/ignorant voters (such as immigrants who cannot read the ballot and are handed numbers to punch) keep swelling in numbers.
Jimmy Carter is redeemed! The grinning dunce of yesteryear, who grew into the anile doddering figure of today, lecturing the civilized on all manner of statecraft, has been replaced by the saturnine gaunt prophet, Barack Obama. His sorry performance these past four years he lays to the administration of George W. Bush. The next four years will be a replay of the last four years, and an even graver crisis will confront us then with the domestic economy in a funk and foreign potentates all laughing at us.

The Prophet Obama has demonstrated that you can preside over a wobbly...