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The Obamacare Hit to GDP

loadstar Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 4:14 PM
One thing that continues to amaze me about the ObaMessiah is his supposed "personal popularity." Even by the low standards of politicians he is a shameless liar and hypocrite. He brays about bipartisan, balanced approaches, then laughs off the opposition positions. His irresponsible Big Guvment agenda was soundly clobbered in 2010, then his leftist con man team sucked in the gullible low information voters for re-election. Of course, it did not hurt his errant cause that the nonfeasant media were in the tank to an egregious, seemingly unbelievable degree.
gjmlb Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 11:52 PM
It certainly does appear that you are correct in your assessment of events.

I have seen Fiscal Cliff analysis written from two perspectives

1. Republicans Caved In
2. Democrats Caved In

Theory number 1 (Mine and others) says Congress punted the ball and Republicans waived the white flag. Given that virtually nothing has been done about the deficit, I fail to see how there can possibly be any debate on this. Yet there is.

Theory number 2 (primarily liberals) still blames Bush for the "Bush Era" tax cuts, while moaning about spending cuts that did...