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The GOP's Immigration Mess

loadstar Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 9:27 AM
A KEY problem with respect to ILLEGAL aliens is that almost 1 in 6 in America is Hispanic, and blood/ethnicity is thicker than common sense to them...over 80% among them see it as "racist" to oppose the artful Dream Act schemes. But why should we do ANYTHING that encourages more poor, ignorant ILLEGAL aliens to come? The Dream Act would put 2 million on a path to citizenship...that in turn would bring numerous relatives. While there are surely many good, decent Hispanics, most Hispanic ILLEGALS are poor and's America does NOT NEED yet more such! We need some high aptitude, EDUCATED, LEGAL immigrants! Few Hispanics coming here fit that matrix.

On Saturday I will be debating Mark Kirkorian on immigration policy before the National Review Institute.

I am a "wet," on the topic. Have been since I opposed California's proposition 187 in 1994.

Mark, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, is a "dry."

Here's the interesting thing about out "debate," to be moderated by National Review's Jim Geraghty: Even if one or the other of us succeeds in persuading everyone in the room of our point of view, it doesn't matter. Not a lick. The GOP is branded as an anti-immigrant party, especially with voters under 30, the...