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The Beginning of the Beginning of the Immigration Debate

loadstar Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 12:38 PM
The REAL blame for the ILLEGAL alien crisis rests with the RINO, quisling, open border, "cheap" labor ilk like Dubya. They set the table for the left to engorge themselves. Once the 10 million+ became entrenched, we were headed down the inexorable path to amnesty. The Left has seen this all along! ALL we had needed to do was enforce EXISTING jobs and no freebies, no stay! It is SILLY to imagine that current ILLEGALS would ever vote for conservatives. They will simply join the guvment-dependent class, which is why the socialist the ObaMessiah is so anxious to embrace them.

The end of the first week of the debate over immigration reform proved that it is the roller derby of public policy debates for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Louisiana Senator David Vitter was the first to provide a face plant and skid over the rails. The blowback directed at Vitter for mocking Marco Rubio was intense, and the penalty box includes a copy of An American Son for reading. “Naïve” about immigration doesn’t work well with the son of immigrants.

More seriously, Senator Schumer may have declared immigration reform over before it began...