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Romney was Kennedy—Obama was Nixon

loadstar Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 3:33 PM
Obama was big on promises in 2008, but as they say down in Texas, the ObaMessiah proved to be all hat and no cattle! ***************** OMG!!! This is RICH! AlGore says that Obama had not adjusted to the altitude of Denver by arriving too late after campaigning! The Left tends to get high on things! The ObaMessiah wrote that he was drugged out during much of his youth to the point of not recalling much of it! Maybe The One was simply high during the debate? Perhaps he had been drinking (the W.H. physician urged him to cut back on alcohol and smoking)?

I will come to what I mean by the title of this column in a second—the connection between this year’s first presidential debate and the first ever such televised event more than five decades ago. But first, by all accounts, even those shared grudgingly, Mitt Romney left the University of Denver stage following the debate the other night as the clear winner. There was no knockout, but it was a lopsided decision on most scorecards.

Yet, as every Washington Redskins fan knows, what happens early in the contest is not nearly as important as what happens in the second half—and...