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Repeat of 1986: Citizenship to Come First, Border Security Later

loadstar Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 3:22 PM
The low-skilled get displaced by those who can be paid less under the table...and ILLEGAL aliens never complain to authorities about being used. This is one of the great myths about the demand for ILLEGAL alien labor...once they are legal, nobody would hire them--why hire someone who cannot speak the language to bus your tables or clean your rooms, except that she will take less $ and cannot complain to authorities?

UPDATE: During an interview on The Ed Morrissey Show, Rubio said he would not support any legislation that does not guarantee enforcement and border security before the Green Card process starts. 

"We have to make sure this law is structured in a way that guarantees enforcement," Rubio said, adding if we don't do both, enforcement and citizenship, we'll see another wave of undocumented people in the future.

Legislation is expected in March and possibly introduced to the Senate floor in April. President Obama will release his plan for immigration reform tomorrow.


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