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Polls Shows American Believe There is Too Much Government Regulation

loadstar Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 1:32 PM
re: How has President Obama failed? *********************** How has Obama NOT failed?! Oh yeah, intelligence/the military found and killed some bad militant Islamics. But nobody abroad truly respects or trusts us as he apologizes for our alleged Colonialism. The guvment taking over H/C, BUT not dealing with cost controls (because the lawyers own the Left) is a DISASTER! Obama regulates everything; kills the pipeline & stanches drilling, even as he squanders $ billions on green energy (Solyndra, et al). And we sure get a charge out of subsidizing the Volt! Guvment Motors will NEVER pay us back 'cause he bailed out UAW, while most banks have-- at a nice profit. He is making welfare and Food Stamps a new normal (wealth transfer, baby!).

Gallup Polls show Little Appetite in U.S. for More Gov't Regulation of Business

Americans say there is too much (47%) rather than too little (26%) government regulation of business and industry, with 24% saying the amount of regulation is about right. Americans have been most likely to say there is too much regulation of...

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