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One-Term Presidents Club

loadstar Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 2:35 PM
Troll alert! "MendiTeats" is a HuffPuff reject spam poster and provocateur! Have you all-American, conservative folks noticed that we are being barraged by Leftist spam posts as the election bewitching hour approaches by strange names like "thabber," "rachelmadcow," and "Petya"? They might well simply be new morphs/iterations/face changes of alison, Olive/ Ray Ancle/ Zapdoodat/ saawshank/ Denis3957, et al.-- and now "artdemeer" and "MendiTeats" Of course, they add no value...just a waste of cyberspace

Four years ago Barack Obama was elected President with 53% of the vote -- a monumental achievement. He was swept into office with 364 electoral votes, compared to John McCain’s lackluster 162 electoral votes. With 60 votes in the Senate and a lock-step Democrat majority behind then Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the new President had complete party control of Congress. His approval rating by early spring peaked above 70%.

The President's rhetoric was high-minded and soaring. His feel good messages of hope and change convinced Americans that the previous eight years were a disaster and that America needed a dramatic course...