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Obama's Little Plan

loadstar Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 10:41 AM
Romney can and WILL beat Obama-- let's gather the troops, focus on the REAL problem, and turn out this Leftist, wealth transfer, America-trashing, Big Guvment loser! NO MORE Food Stamp President, Pied Piper of Unwanted Change, President Downgrade, Wizard of Ozbama-- we have SEEN the Man Behind the Curtain, and he is a phony! Just say NO to ObamaCare! People WANTED H/C cost controls-- ObamaCare will instead SOAR costs! We are all just a "bump in the road" to Obama's re-election ambitions. Join the fight to save America from this socialist loser! VOTE ROMNEY!

Under pressure from Mitt Romney, President Obama has finally released his own policy vision for a second term. And, yes, it's the same old, same old. Some are calling it a second first term.

There isn't a single true economic-growth incentive in this scant plan. There's no serious spending, deficit and debt reduction, and no attempt to solve the Social Security and health-entitlement problems, which are moving us toward bankruptcy.

Nothing. Nada.

But before getting into the details of this little plan, my basic conclusion is this: Mr. Obama wants to slash defense spending, raise all other spending...