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Obama vs. Romney, the Peacenik

loadstar Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 9:03 AM
Has everyone noticed how snide, arrogant and condescending The One has become?! Whatever happened to that Hopey-Changey facade?! This brings to mind a great observation by Hubert Humphrey about the then newly elected Jimma' Carter-- there is a difference between the ability to gain election and the capacity to govern. We tried the PC, feel good, elect the unknown black guy with the lofty (but vague) teleprompted rhetoric thing. Now it is time to admit our collective mistake and make a change. Vote Romney!
President Barack Obama won the final presidential debate because it was on foreign policy, and the president's foreign policy -- unlike his domestic spending -- is popular with the American people.

Mitt Romney didn't win the debate, but he did undercut Team Obama. Obamaland spent the day hitting Romney for being too warlike, too much like George W. Bush. Operatives warned of Romney's "bluster."

Romney changed the game as he talked up peace and said he wanted to be a partner with China. He graciously congratulated Obama for killing Osama bin Laden and then added, "We can't kill our way out of this...