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Obama: Half-Black But All Democrat

loadstar Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 10:52 PM
Winning and losing the debates from a technical standpoint (debate scoring on points) is NOT as important as impressions formed by 70 million watching. And this year it is liberal mythology debunked that "debates do not matter." The Obamanators had known that they COULD NOT run on his sorry record, so they reverted to a relentless ad hominem on Romney. One professional observer said he had NEVER seen such a negative barrage. But Romney altered the trend of the whole election when his demeanor in Debate 1 gave lie to the false portrayals of the Left. As old Joe Kennedy once said, it is not who you are that matters but how people perceive you. Now O is seeming MUCH smaller-- surly, without a message or plan. Romney-- CLEARLY presidential

New York can be a lonely and desolate city. My only date on this rainy Tuesday night is Chris Matthews -- the last liberal left who will still talk to me about race.

The rest of the Non-Fox Media are lying in wait, hoping I'll disappear so they can revive the old chestnuts about racist Republicans again.

Among many such myths, there's Reagan's Philadelphia speech, George W. Bush's speech at Bob Jones University, someone yelling "Kill him" at the mention of Barack Obama's name at a Sarah Palin rally, tea partiers calling Rep. John Lewis the N-word, Scott...