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Mittmentum Builds

loadstar Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 6:28 PM
Good gawd, I hope you are right...and I had wanted Carter's butt badly back in 1980, but this is EVEN BIGGER! Carter had ALSO (like O) feigned being a moderate, but was well left of that. A key difference was that the MSM never loved Jimmah like they do the ObaMessiah, who has been the Left's dream come true- just witness Chrissy "Leg Tingle" Mouthews!

Michael Barone is America’s “one man decision desk,” with credibility on elections far beyond that of anyone else working the field in America today.

Which is why Michael’s bold Washington Examiner column from yesterday cut through all the spin from Chicago and all the blather from MSNBC, and struck President Obama supporters in their gut.

Barone, having surveyed all the polling data from every source and all the early voting numbers from all the states, sees Mitt Romney rolling up 315 Electoral College votes, including the states of Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin –and Pennsylvania!

Other evidence is...