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Magic of 2008 Eludes Obama After Flat Convention

loadstar Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 5:40 PM
Unfounded, disingenuous braying about "racism" or "xenophobia" is the first refuge of the red herring and Straw Man argument scoundrels. Braying epithets ad hominem is also the first refuge of the desperate and those losing based on logic.

The consensus on Barack Obama's acceptance speech Thursday night, and in effect on the Democratic National Convention as a whole, is that it was a bust.

One reason may be optics. Obama was scheduled to deliver the speech in a stadium seating 64,000 people. But on Wednesday, after Charlotte, N.C., had been pummeled by periodic rainstorms all week, organizers moved the event to the convention hall.

The last two stadium acceptance speeches, in 2008 and 1960, were delivered in Denver and Los Angeles, where it seldom rains in the summer. That's not true of Charlotte...