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Immigration Reform, School Choice and the Proposed Border Commission

loadstar Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 9:56 AM
recent wisdom here-- Hunrodr Wrote: For those of us who have had to live with ILLEGALS, reality is all too troubling. They pack 8-15 people into 2 BR apartments...they clean just enuff to live, but not enuff to keep the bugs down...they drink like alcoholics, accost women and act rudely in front of children. A good friend of mine who emigrated here from South America explained the difference between ILLEGALS and legal Hispanics. Legal Hispanics care, they take the time to do it right; they care about family values. ILLEGALS make a wage w/o paying income taxes and send most of their money back across the border. Call me any name you wish...I lived with these people and fixed the apartments they lived in...over and over again.

First, a terrific compendium of think tank analyses of immigration compiled by the wizards at is here.

If you are going to debate immigration reform, be smart about immigration reform, especially about the positions of the opposite party's intellectuals.

This means among other things being smart about school choice for immigrant children. Vouchers for newly regularized immigrants under the age of 18 empowering them to attend any public or private school in the city in which they reside should be part of the GOP amendments to any immigration reform bill. The cost of such a voucher is...