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Immigration Reform, School Choice and the Proposed Border Commission

loadstar Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 9:47 AM
America can well use a few EDUCATED, high aptitude immigrants...but today's "advanced service economy" CANNOT benefit from ignorant, poor immigrants. We should attach green cards to the diplomas of all of those Asians we educate, and then send home to compete with us. In contrast, the Heritage Foundation calculates that EACH poor family of 4 ILLEGAL aliens will drain $1.4 MILLION more over a lifetime in benefits than it EVER pays in ANY form of taxes. So much for the facile theory that ILLEGAL aliens pay taxes and are customers also. When we allow millions of ignorant, culturally disparate to remain, we will simply accelerate the demise of America into a Third World, dependent-class nation.

First, a terrific compendium of think tank analyses of immigration compiled by the wizards at is here.

If you are going to debate immigration reform, be smart about immigration reform, especially about the positions of the opposite party's intellectuals.

This means among other things being smart about school choice for immigrant children. Vouchers for newly regularized immigrants under the age of 18 empowering them to attend any public or private school in the city in which they reside should be part of the GOP amendments to any immigration reform bill. The cost of such a voucher is...