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How Do You Save The “Titanic”?

loadstar Wrote: Oct 22, 2012 8:40 AM
re (Barone): Presidents who get re-elected usually offer second term agendas. Obama hasn't, especially on the economy. As a re-elected president, he will be as free of constraints, as Wilson was. ******************************* America should be VERY wary of the ObaMessiah's silence on his plans for a second term...he is silent because he would LOSE for sure if he revealed the truth---> yet more Big Guvment like the takeover of healthcare, taxation and raging deficits. A new poll says that 62% say that IF re-elected they want to see Obama make MAJOR CHANGES! My gawd, why not DUMP Obama and start anew with someone who has spelled out an agenda instead of someone who dares not do so?!

The most recent Gallup poll has Gov. Romney up about six points over Obama in the upcoming election.  He is over 50% and his lead looks to be growing every day.  Ok, so let’s just say that this holds and Romney manages to pull out wins in the crucial swing states.  He is now the President.

When all of the dust settles and he can see a clear picture of what faces him for the next four years, what could he possibly be thinking?  The scenario I am imagining is that it is around 1:00am on April...