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Hispanics Favor Democrats, But Didn't Decide Election

loadstar Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 4:48 PM
Mexico's population consists of 50% Indians (Toltecas, Aztecas, Mayas, Olmecas, etc.), 45 % "Mestizos" or mixed Indian/Spanish, and 5% Spanish Europeans. ILLEGAL aliens living here are mostly illiterate Indians plus mestizos; the latter provide the criminal class majority praying on the Indians. Power in Mexico is shared between the Spanish whites and the Mestizos, while Indians are totally excluded. So, Mexico is effectively dumping its lowest common denominator on America...the corrupt Mexican guvment even coaches them on how to tap into American welfare, how to dodge capture, how to evade taxes, and how to send $ back to Mexico. The single largest source of outside income is the $16 billion sent back by ILLEGALS in America.
After moments of panic in the immediate aftermath of Mitt Romney's defeat, some Republicans and conservatives are regaining their equilibrium on the issue of what the GOP should do about immigration and the Hispanic vote.

They're looking at key questions from the campaign, like how much of Barack Obama's victory was attributable to Hispanic support. They're also looking at the Hispanic electorate itself to see how big a role immigration, versus a wide range of other issues, played in voting decisions. The goal, of course, is to win a larger portion of the Hispanic vote, but first to take...