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Proposal Seeks to Terminate Collective Bargaining of Teachers' Unions

loadstar Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 2:56 PM
Unions of public employees were ILLEGAL until JFK first allowed them as payback for the union votes in the razor close election was one of a number of his blunders. The nation had done VERY well for almost 200 years w/o such we have communities and even states in dire straights even as we have cops and firefighters making 6-figure incomes with H.S. educations and retiring after as little as 20 years. Public fiscal challenges? Well, DUHHHH!

Three members of the Douglas County School Board have floated proposals to terminate dealings with teacher's unions.

Three board members proposed three separate ballot questions, each chipping away at what have been traditional district-union relationships in the affluent county south of Denver.