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False Alarms on Amnesty

loadstar Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 11:07 AM
Many Hispanic ILLEGAL aliens are hard working as they arrive, but they are ignorant and generally low-I.Q., which means that they CANNOT become upwardly mobile in an advanced service economy society. There will be no more "cheap" labor once they cannot be paid under the table. To imagine that they "just do jobs Americans do not want" is a fools' gold deception...they will indeed take to the welfare state just like ducks to water-- and the Left KNOWS THIS! They are Big Entitlement Guvment voters in waiting! An irony is that Hispanics supposedly support paths to amnesty by over 80%, but ILLEGALS offer established Hispanics nothing but ethnic kinship. We are simply importing poverty and guvment dependence.
To hear opponents tell it, you don't want to be standing along the U.S. border when an immigration reform bill becomes law. Millions of foreigners who were previously content in their native lands will hear about it, pack a bag and storm across the U.S. border, trampling anyone unlucky enough to be in the way.

The reason, we are told, is a change that Republicans have previously rejected but Democrats and Latino groups see as indispensable: a procedure for illegal immigrants to become legal residents and, eventually, citizens. Critics call it "amnesty" and say it will spur illegal immigration as surely as...